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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

NovelDragon King’s Son-In-LawDragon King’s Son-In-Law
Chapter 649 – The No.1 Demonic Girl In The World! terrific vacuous
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“What’s wrong?” Granny expected in bafflement when she noticed Zhao Yanzi status even now.
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“Yao,” Girl Zhen urged.
“Oh…” Zhao Yanzi went around little by little. “My name’s Zhao Yanzi. You may call up me Zi.”
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“What’s incorrect?” Granny required in bafflement when she noticed Zhao Yanzi standing upright even now.
“Ok!” Xie Yujia nodded obediently and strode into the kitchen area.
Seeing Hao Zhonghua gaze at Lady Zhen, Yue Yang pinched him in top secret.
“This is Hao Ren’s mother, Yue Yang,” Hao Zhonghua unveiled them.
She pointed at Duan Yao and mentioned, “This is Yao, Congming’s cousin. She’s our invitee now.”
“Ren! Why don’t you may ask the guests to come in the household?” Grandma known as out from interior.
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Ranking beside Woman Zhen, Duan Yao glared at Zhao Yanzi such as a tiny tiger. Dressed in the pretty traditional outfit, she appeared lively and extremely cute if one ignored her manifestation.
Hao Ren froze in big surprise for a moment when he been told it. On the other hand, Hao Ren nonetheless noticed a track down of hatred from Duan Yao’s eye
He was amazed when Girl Zhen introduced Duan Yao to his household. Even so, seeing that Grandma was offer, he didn’t want the happy Moon Celebration Day to be ruined.
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The tea desk on the living area was brimming with snack foods. From the time Zhen Congming existed in Hao Ren’s home, Granny got constantly been replenis.h.i.+ng the snack food items over the herbal tea dining room table.
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“What’s bad?” Granny expected in bafflement when she spotted Zhao Yanzi ranking nonetheless.
“Zi… Are available and connect with Yao,” Hao Ren reported.
“Ren! Why don’t you may well ask the family and friends to be found within the property?” Granny referred to as from inside.
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When Woman Zhen spotted Duan Yao the first time, she ended up being looking at having her due to her specific body but experienced resolved against it. Even so, after she got away from the Heart and soul Development World cultivators and returned to the Demon Ocean, she sensed like it would be a terrific pity if she let go of quite a girl like Duan Yao, so she traveled returning to 5th Heaven to look for her.
“Haha. It’s my pleasure…” Young lady Zhen coated her teeth with her fretting hand. Even when she talked, her position and phrase were definitely very stylish.
“Little White-colored, don’t be rude! You can’t accomplish that to our own guests!” Displeased, Granny waved her palm at Minor Bright.
Duan Yao’s teeth touch in her lower lip so hard that it checked like planned to close up her lip area.
Even so, when Skies Mountain Sect delivered troops to encircle Ethereal Summit and almost destroyed it, Hao Ren got no good effect of Duan Yao in anyway.
Or even for Hao Ren’s relationships.h.i.+p with Zhen Congming, he guessed that Young lady Zhen may have killed him after taking Duan Yao like a disciple so the second option could center on her farming wholeheartedly.
“Ren! Why don’t you ask the visitors ahead in to the household?” Granny known as out of within.
She were shut down from Atmosphere Mountain Sect, but she nevertheless hated Hao Ren. To avenge themselves, she must come to be very powerful, which was why she kneeled and kowtowed at Woman Zhen, taking her as her learn.
Hao Ren froze in amaze for a second as he observed it. Nevertheless, Hao Ren however noticed a track of hatred from Duan Yao’s eyeballs
The 2 main foes glared at each other.
Powering Young lady Zhen had been a lovable fresh lady who was also dressed up in a vibrant typical outfit she was Duan Yao.
Checking out her, Hao Ren exhaled gently helplessly. In the end, along with her unimaginable strength, Girl Zhen could destroy any individual at her will.
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She had applied Duan Yao to travel to Hao Ren’s house not just in meet her promise to Hao Ren but also to take Duan Yao to discover the planet.
Duan Yao glared at Hao Ren with a complex concept on the encounter.
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However, Hao Ren just looked over her coldly with no manifestation.
Hurriedly she discovered Xie Yujia’s tiny hand and claimed, “Yujia, earn some herbal tea.”
“Yao!” Girl Zhen didn’t allow it to go.
As opposed, Zhao Yanzi was dressed in Xie Yujia’s pink jammies, seeking not as pretty as Duan Yao.

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